Peaky Blinders

Ever since the TV show, Peaky Blinders burst onto our screens it has gained a huge following, with its fan base increasing in size with each passing year. The appeal of Thomas Shelby and his gang has even crossed the ocean and captivated many US viewers too!

The escapades of the Shelby family catalogues their continued rise of power throughout Birmingham, England during the early 1920's. The majority of the population is still reeling from the Great War and the problems caused after it ended, including poverty, illness and a shortage of employment. Thomas Shelby took it upon himself to create his own gap in the market by becoming the leader of a ruthless criminal gang. The Peaky Blinders will use any means possible to increase their underworld empire, usually through fear and violence. The experience they gained in the military makes for a deadly and powerful combination in their chosen business venture. The show is based on the true exploits and history of the Peaky Blinders gang, whose name stemmed from their signature flat caps which included a hidden blade in the rim of the cap, used to attack and maim their enemies in battle.

Since the inception of the Peaky Blinders and the increase of dapper styles amongst followers of fashion, tweed has once again become very popular. But why did people from the 1920’s prefer tweed? It is long believed that tweed originated to help protect Scottish farmers from the harsh cold weather conditions. Originally a hand weaved fabric and believed by many to be a true working man's cloth. Tweed is renowned as a strong, hard wear fabric which ensures the wearer is kept warm and dry. The Peaky Blinders and the surrounding population all needed this extra protection from the elements, long before we had the luxuries of modern day central heating.

Why Did The Peaky Blinders Wear Tweed?

How To Dress Like Thomas Shelby

With the massive following of the show, it is only natural that many fans want to dress like their favourite character - Thomas Shelby. The combination of his cool demeanour, backed up with his effortless style is hard to not admire. In order to fully emulate the Thomas Shelby look, you will need -

  • Tweed Suit            

  • Flat Cap                

  • Waistcoat Chain    

  • White Shirt             

  • Tie Set                      

  • Overcoat                  

  • Brogue Boots          

Shelby would regularly be seen wearing one of his trademark tailored tweed suits, combined with his iconic flat cap (which doubled as a weapon). Paired with a crisp white shirt and tie set. Footwear choices were either a functional pair of brogue boots or smarter brogue classic shoes. He finished off his ensemble with a heavy-duty overcoat.

Partly because of the current trend of classic gent and dapper styles, along with the popularity of the show, there has been an increased demand for classic English style three-piece suits and flat caps. Yet, trying to acquire a Peaky Blinders style suit can be something of a difficult task, particularly if you jump into the hunt without any prior knowledge! So here at Collections we can help you to achieve that Thomas Shelby style.




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